When to do cherry picker exercise for best results?

by info@saastrathfield.com.au

Finding the right workout routine is very important, but it can also be a challenge. Not everyone needs the same workouts, so it’s important to identify what exercises suit your requirements. With that being said, the cherry picker exercise is a very interesting option because it’s efficient, dependable and it will also boost your flexibility too.

Who is the cherry picker exercise for?

You will notice that the cherry picker exercise army routine is very common. This is an exercise specifically designed to help you work on the hamstring muscles. You can find these muscles at the back of the leg, and they are responsible for your posture, balance and knee bending. Which is why you want to do the cherry picker exercise crossfit, as it’s well worth it and the benefits can be very impressive.

What is the main function of the cherry picker leg exercise?

The main focus of this exercise is to stretch your hamstring muscles while standing. You have 3 stages for the cherry picker exercise, and you do need to warm up beforehand. Biking, using the jumping rope or some jumping jacks are ideal before you give the cherry picker exercise a try. It works great, and it does convey a very good experience every time.

The way you do it is you stand with the legs wide and then bend the knees. Try to reach in front of you and touch the ground if possible. Reach below and behind the legs. It will take a bit to reach the desired way, but that’s why it takes time and practice to do this kind of stuff.

Customizing your cherry picker exercise

Yes, it’s possible to make the cherry picker exercise can be more complex if you add weight. A medicine ball, bar bell or dumbbells can be a great addition. It just makes then exercise more advanced, yet still very impressive. You can spruce things up and try the standing cherry picker exercise or you can add weights from time to time, just to make it fun and interesting.

When should you do the cherry picker exercise?

We recommend this right after you warmed up a bit. It’s a more complex stretch, and it can work great before you choose to go with more complex exercises. The idea is to take your time, avoid any rush and just see what works for you very well. Keep in mind that you always need to warm up before the cherry picker, since it can be problematic if you don’t.


The cherry picker exercise is a great stretch and a wonderful way for you to boost your mobility and flexibility. It’s a very good idea to work closely with a professional before you perform this, just to be safe. We do recommend avoiding bouncy stretching or ballistic stretching if you try the cherry picker exercise, as it can lead to injuries. There are many cherry picker exercise benefits like more flexibility and a better movement speed, so it’s definitely worth giving it a try for yourself.

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